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We are a team of researchers, data scientists, statisticians, economists, and other technical experts turning answers into market-creating innovations. 

Market-Creating Innovation Services in Africa


KASI is Africa’s leading provider of data, measures, and insights to understand the average African behavior.  Every month, we listen to Africans and turn survey-based data into actionable insights.


Through our self-service platform, our clients leverage consumer insights at scale, identify early signs of market shifts and unlock market-creating opportunities for their business.​


KASI data products are used by the largest financial data companies and also Africa’s biggest corporations.

About Kasi Insight

Rooted in Data


Our team comes from data-driven fields including market research, consulting, banking, and economics with education ranging from psychology to engineering.


Our diverse team means that we draw on research best practices to design the best survey, statistical techniques from a range of fields to turn survey data into normalized data ready for visualization. 

We believe survey data, collected at a high frequency and consistently, is one of the most reliable and valuable data sources when clients are looking to get unparallel insights into market-creating opportunities in Africa.

By providing not just data, but a data analytics platform, we empower our clients to uncover their own insights and opportunities.

Our Founder Story


What if our challenges in Africa stem from the fact that we can't manage what we can't measure?


Yannick Lefang believes that the lack of data and insights is hindering the development of Africa. In 2015, Yannick set out to deploy an online survey infrastructure in Cameroon to get a pulse of average Africans.


Since then, every month KASI surveys thousands of ordinary Africans across Sub-Saharan Africa through syndicated and custom research studies, uncovering rich insights on how they live, what they think, how and what they spend their money on and much more.


Martin Onzere based in Nairobi, joined the company in 2016 and helped scale the data collection capabilities to 7 countries.


Patience Muyambo joined the company in 2018 as research director and is in charge for bringing the consumer insight portal to live.



Founder & CEO

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Director of Research

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