How to find KASI CCI on Bloomberg

If you are an economist at the Africa development bank in Abidjan, an equity trader at UBA Capital markets in Lagos or an investment manager at Cytonn Investments in Nairobi, you are probably using a Bloomberg terminal. Bloomberg users pay at least $20,000 per year to access the terminal and associated data. The Bloomberg terminal is one of the industry's most widely used sources for real-time financial information from all over the world. The ability to access real-time market information from almost anywhere in the world is incredibly convenient and an important advantage of a Bloomberg subscription. KASI, a premier provider of high frequency data in Africa fits well within the Bloomberg e

Elections in Cameroon & inflationary policies in Kenya dampen confidence

KEY FINDINGS KASI CCI growth slows in September Spending and job security continues to dampen short-term outlook Elections in Cameroon & inflationary policies in Kenya drive down expectations Across the 7 countries, a +1 point increase was recorded for the month of September, leading to a score of +10. Out of the 5 countries that experienced positive growth in consumer confidence, Tanzania had the most significant growth of +12 points to a new level of +10, closely followed by Nigeria with a +11 point increase to +28. On the other hand, Cameroon and Kenya experienced a fall in consumer confidence for the month of September. Cameroon recorded a 7-point fall from the August Score of +13, while

Battle of the African bank websites

In digital Africa, where users are increasingly glued to connected devices, banks target consumers through multiple online channels, including websites and mobile apps. It’s no longer enough for African banks to roll out sites with designs and functionality that resemble each other. A unique bank website design has more chance to attract visitors and convert them, as Africans have lacked custom experiences and diversity. With the increased focus on digitization as a driver for future growth, banks website and mobile apps should be both original and functional. Our data show an increasing gap between the good and bad websites. Key principles for effective banking website design 1. Maintaining

Consumer confidence rose in August

KEY FINDINGS KASI CCI rose 2 percent in August Spending and job security dampen outlook Low inflation drives positive expectations The month of August saw a +2 point increase in the consumer confidence index score from its July value of +7. Across the 7 countries that participated in the survey, 6 of these showed positive growth in consumer sentiment, with Tanzanian having the highest recording. This may not be surprising in light of the recent cuts in the discount rate made by Tanzania’s central bank from 9 to 7 percent, accompanied by an annual inflation rate that has remained stagnant at 3.3 percent, the lowest rate achieved since 1999. On the other hand, despite the 3 point drop from the

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