KASI economist attends South Africa budget speech

The annual Nedbank and Old Mutual Competition The Nedbank and Old Mutual Budget Speech competition is a yearly event that was initiated in 1972 and has since challenged students across South Africa to engage with socio-economic topic and recommend ways in which these can be addressed. At the dawn of my post-graduate career (February 2018), I decided to take up the challenge and write the 2018 postgraduate essay whose topic was: “It is 2018 and a new ANC government is in place, what you as the new finance minister would do to restore fiscal credibility? What would the impact of this be on monetary policy and the economy?” The outcome of this decision proved to be extremely rewarding and I am

Consumer confidence declines ahead of elections in Nigeria

KASI CCI dropped slightly by 1 percent Short term outlook dampened by challenges with jobs and spending Long term outlook remains positive despite month over month decline In contrast to recent months, there were no drastic movements of individual index scores for all seven countries leading to a mild 1 percent drop to the global consumer confidence index metric. Kenya is the bright spot with an increase from +10 to +15, while the other 6 countries’ confidence figures declined within a range of a maximum of 5. Short-term outlook dampened by weak job prospects and spending post holidays Consumer’s evaluation of the current economic conditions moved up slightly +1 but remained negative at -11.

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