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Emerging brands work with us to challenge incumbents

Our cloud-based platform is redifining

consumer insights in Africa

KASI Insights | Consumer Research Africa | Doing Business In Africa

Nadim Najjar, Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa at Refinitiv.

Why We're Great >


The availability of KASI CCI via Eikon, Datastream and Feeds will provide the global financial community with expanded coverage into Africa

Louise Robinson, Marketing Director - EMEA at Database 360 for Africa.

Why We're Great >


The 22 countries survey was completed within 2 weeks. The team ability to tell stories with data is second to none. 

Financial District

Financial Services

Target: For economists, investors, asset managers and content leaders at financial data companies 

Client: Global leader in financial data

Kasi Solution: Economic Intelligence

Product/Dataset: Kasi Consumer Confidence Index


Frequency: Monthly

Delivery: FTP

What we provide: Monthly datasets including headline index, sub-indices, and index by questions covering 7 countries (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon)

Grocery Store Worker


Target: For marketer, brand and category managers at a local FMCG company

Client: Emerging FMCG in Africa

Kasi Solution: Retail Intelligence

Product/Dataset: Kasi Category Demand/Momentum Index


Frequency: Monthly

Delivery: Kasi cloud-based platform

What we provide: Monthly data showing changes in consumer demand for specific category such as food, beverages the FMCG is manufacturing

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