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The Senegalese Economy

Senegal has much to offer as the country is home to a convergence of three different geographical features: semiarid grassland, oceanfront and tropical rainforest. Coined as the “Gateway to Africa”, this landscape offers business owners a variety of applications and is ideal for an array of ventures. 

The Senegal Agriculture

With upwards of 60 percent of the available workforce dedicated to agricultural activities, Senegal is heavily dependent on the production of groundnuts, cotton and gum arabic, with the latter comprising the bulk of the countries’ exports. Sorghum, millet and rice are the primary food crops. The bordering ocean allows for the cultivation of fish and the country also relies on the harvesting of cotton. The inconsistent weather conditions and poor soil quality have raised challenges to improve farming practices despite the government’s efforts to address these issues the country is still thriving off these cash crops.

The Senegal Infrastructure

By allocating nearly $1 billion dollars to its infrastructure Senegal is headed in the right direction in being up-to-date and efficient. However, around $300 million dollars is squandered due to various inefficiencies.  A railway system connecting its people and businesses with access stretching almost 600 miles and 19 airports around the region there is no shortage of opportunities to get around. Between 2008 and 2012, the African Development Bank (AFDB) launched the Road Development and Transport Facilitation Project, which addressed roadway infrastructure issues between Mali and Senegal. While this project drastically improved existing roadways Senegal sits well below the worldwide average for roadway connectivity and only around 61 percent of its residents have access to electricity. With an abundance of transportation options and improvements ongoing, investors can look at Senegal with confidence as they look to build their business.    

The Senegal Tourism

With beautiful beaches lining the coast of Senegal and a lush rainforest set inland, Senegal has no shortage of beautiful geographical features to discover. The bustling capital city of Dakar offers a mix of old and new culture and brings together all Senegal has to offer. Since the 1990s Senegal has made an effort to attract European visitors to its shores and has seen success.  Investors can feel confident in bringing their businesses here as the country continues to build on the foundation of the resort communities that line its shores and the beauty of its landscapes.

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