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KASI Insights | African Consumer Data | Africa Business

Get access to over 1000 questions and 10 million data points from people in the largest markets in Africa. 


Our Consumer Insights Portal allows you to get insights by dimensions such as country, demographics, product, brand, time period and many more. We track people's confidence, consumption, wellness, and finance attitudes in order to help your business thrive. 

Research takes time but KASI makes it fast

You don’t need to be an expert to analyze our data. We’ve done the tedious work of cleaning and validating the data so that you don’t have to. Our team of statisticians, data scientists, and developers have ensured that you can quickly find the data you need to answer your questions.

Understand key drivers quickly

KASI enhances data through structure and categorization. We give you the tools to quickly search for the data you want, to communicate findings through visualizations and use historical data to forecast future trends. 

Our data, your story

Access our dynamic dashboards to conveniently demonstrate high-level trends across datasets and markets. These dashboards can be saved, updated and shared with others. Track KPIs and market movements to support strategic business decisions.

We do customized research as well

KASI can tackle your project the old way if that's what you want. Our team of research experts would be happy to supplement our data portal with fieldwork tailored to your needs. 



  • Pivot tables, charts, and data grids builder

  • Data exploration with drill-down

  • Export reports to Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML

  • Share reports with others or publish to the web

  • Search driven analytics (NLQ)


  • Live reports: direct connection to a database

  • SQL databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, Google BigQuery

  • NoSQL: MongoDB, ElasticSearch


  • Add complex calculations, heatmap, limits

  • Formula-based metrics and dimensions

  • Merge data from multiple sources

  • Report parameters for custom DB-level filtering

  • Automate reports with Zapier or MS Flow

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