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Access the largest dataset of consumer confidence in Africa

Economic Intelligence

Consumer Research and Market Data in Africa

KASI Insights | Consumer Research Africa | Doing Business In Africa

Emerging brands are using Kasi to anticipate consumer demand and benefit from it


Investment, research, marketing, brand professionals use our economic intelligence datasets on a monthly basis to make informed decisions. Kasi Economic Intelligence Solution is the most comprehensive and reliable dataset on consumer confidence available in over 7 countries in Africa. The proprietary datasets from thousands of monthly tracking surveys conducted since 2016 are available at a click of a button via our cloudbased, self-service platform for ad-hoc data analytics, operational & embedded reporting with live tables & charts.

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Access the most credible and predictive economic indicators in Africa


Your goals through credible, actionable research conducted at the speed of business


Your business into the future using data-driven insights to uncover opportunities across Africa


With the fastest growing consumer base in Africa through  multidimensional  surveys


With certainty using real-time insights from KASI Hub, our data portal, to inform your business strategies

What is the Kasi Consumer Confidence Index?

  • First pan African monthly consumer confidence index: Launched in 2016, the data series is providing a much needed consumer level view on economic activity and expectations in the largest markets of Africa. 

  • Largest coverage in Africa : Access monthly data from 8 countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Ethiopia. 

  • Trended consumer confidence data: Track multiple consumer data points to get a granular look at how households financial expectations change over time.

  • Monthly reporting and data delivery: Data is available every 15th of the month via Kasi hub data portal. 

  • Data among demographics: Monthly consumer confidence broken out by demographics (including occupation, education, age, marital status and income levels).

Industries Using
Consumer Confidence Data

Retail Banks and Insurers: Consumer confidence has an impact on consumer demand for financial services and products such as loans, credit cards, transaction fees, insurances.  Also, high consumer confidence can yield to higher inflation rates and in turn higher rates for banks.


Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG):  Lack of consumer confidence is one of the obstacles that holds back FMCG industry growth. When consumer confidence is high, consumers spending on discretionary increase and categories such as electronics, entertainment and out of home perform well. On the other hand, when consumer confidence is low, spending is more focused on essentials and categories such as food, home and personal care perform better.


Financial Data Companies: The global investment community is looking at Africa as the last frontier. Africa, as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, is garnering interest from the global financial markets. Get expanded Africa coverage with our consumer data.


Media/Ad Agencies: Analyze monthly consumer confidence data in more than 6 markets to identify major market shifts and develop pan African media or PR strategies.

Consumer confidence data 

at a click of a button



Your business into the future using data-driven insights to uncover opportunities across Africa

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Consumer Confidence

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Anticipate consumer demand faster than your competition and benefit from it

What Are the Benefits?

For Finance Professionals: Complement your understanding of macroeconomic trends with consumer level data and make informed decisions. Using Kasi consumer confidence data, economists can assess current economic situations and predict consumer demand in the near term.  Kasi Economic Intelligence provides data series in various formats (.xls, csv, or online) that can be easily integrated into modelling and investment scenarios.


For Marketing Professionals: Uncover shifts in consumer spending habits that will impact your organization and your marketing plan. Using Kasi consumer confidence data, marketers can understand household financial situations and anticipate consumer discretionary spending.  Kasi Economic Intelligence provides granular consumer confidence including demographics breakdown such as Gen Z, Millennials, Baby Boomer according to your target audience.


For Insights & Strategy Professionals: Analyze monthly consumer confidence data in more than 6 markets to identify major market shifts and develop pan African strategies. Using Kasi consumer confidence data, insights or strategist can track how consumer views about the economy, businesses and personal finances are changing over time.

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