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Get access to proprietary datasets that provide unparallel insights to investors seeking above-market returns in Africa


KASI compiles survey-based data collected at high-frequency in various markets in Africa to build and produce predictive African-based indicators. Our team of economists and data scientists builds data products that are highly correlated to industries and companies performance.

Data you can trust

Our data collection methodology has been vetted by experts and is applied consistently across countries and time period. Our indices are well documented with international standards for tickers. 

Unlock the predictive power of survey data

Our indices are correlated to economic indicators such as sales, inflation, and GDP. In some markets, our measures are leading indicators for market activities especially in urban centers of Africa.

Beat the competition with  reliable data and insights

Our datasets cover the largest markets during a time period that few companies can provide in Africa. We partner with the largest financial data companies to provide exclusive access to leading investors and business leaders in the world.

Data you can use and understand easily

Our team turns survey-based data into measures that are easy to interpret and benefit from. Our datasets are available on data visualization tools such as Tableau but can also be downloaded in Excel or CSV formats.

Featured Datasets

Economic indicators

KASI CCI is Africa's first monthly consumer confidence index covering 7 markets. KASI CCI can also accurately predict or forecast economic indicators (inflation rate, interbank lending rate) but also the performance of certain industries (mining, agriculture, car sales)


DATA ORIGIN: Surveys-based


INDUSTRY/SECTOR: Manufacturing/Autos/Packaging/Financials


INVESTMENT APPLICATIONS: Quantitative, Discretionary

KEY FIELDS: Headline index, Current conditions, Economic expectations, Purchase, Jobs, Personal finance

FREQUENCY: Monthly, delivered the 10 the month


COVERAGE: Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania & Ivory Coast


COLLECTION METHOD: Collected by KASI proprietary data collection systems


PRE PROCESSING: Raw data is anonymized and aggregated. KASI applies CCI balance methodology to compute the index.


APPLICATIONS: Quantitative, Discretionary

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