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KASI Marketing Kit

The best solution for your advertising, sales, 

promotions and marketing needs

KASI Insights | African Consumer Data | Africa Business

KASI Marketing is a service offered by KASI Insight Inc. specifically built for businesses in Africa.


KASI Marketing provides a simple way to run market research, provide the best value to your customers and the best way to connect with them so they keep coming.


Join a network of hundreds of businesses in Cameroon, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia who are benefiting from this program.


  • Tell us the burning business questions you need answered

  • Tell us some basic info about your company

  • Our team will ask your questions to 500 people in the market

  • Get the results and answers you need to inform your business decisions within days via KASI’s Consumer Insights portal



A Business owner in Johannesburg is looking to find a name for his new hotel that will resonate with clients. 


What we do: 
We ask over 500 respondents who had recently been to a hotel which name they would prefer for the new hotel. The results were aggregated via the KASI Consumer Insights portal.

What we deliver: 

  • Free access to KASI Consumer Insights portal

  • The most popular name selected by the target respondents

  • Data on segmentation (by age, gender, occupation, status)

Benefits to the business owner: 

  • Found a powerful name which has differentiated the hotel in the market creating brand value

  • The new hotel name is now a tool in building a strong emotional connection with customers  

  • The new hotel name is easier to remember and has made the hotel more popular amongst the target market increasing the hotel’s revenue

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