2016 Priorities of the emerging class in Africa

A report released last September by Pew Research revealed Sub-Sahara Africans are more optimistic about the future than many others around the world. Nine Africans countries were included in the study: Burkina Faso, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The study found that 60% of Africans said the economic outlook was good compared to 34% in the US or 24% in Europe.

The authors explain this optimism by the recent relatively high rates of economic growth experienced by African countries resulting in more people getting wealthier and feeling good about the future. With the recent downtown in oil prices and the impact of the global low growth environment in the Europe and especially in China, are Africans still feeling the same sense of optimism about the future prospects? Several analysts and economists have attributed the recent high growth of economic rates in Africa to high oil, commodity prices and massive investment/trade between China and Africa. Now that we are seeing a deceleration in China and oil/commodity prices at all time low, are Africans feeling less optimistic? How does this slowdown impact their households and what are they doing about it?

This report examines public opinion in three African nations: Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya representing west, central and east Africa. It is based on 3,000 desktop surveys with adults 18 and older conducted from January 15 – 25th.

For more details, see survey methodology and topline results.

Chapter 1 explores views on current and future economic, political and social conditions in each country, perception on challenges facing people in these countries and views on future generation outlook. Chapter 2 examines how people are reacting to the conditions and prospects and actions they are taking to secure a better future for themselves and family members.

This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals: Yannick Lefang, SOKO Insight, Edwin Weinstein, PhD Brondesbury Group and Prashant Shukla, PhD Accenture.

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Arielle Nkongmeneck Communication Advisor, KASI Insight @kasiinsight

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