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KASI Insight launches its new website today

Updated: Sep 11

KASI Insight, Africa's most innovative research and advisory firm, today announced the launch of its new website The new website reflects the evolution of the company and its services. In fact, KASI Insight is one of the first research companies in Africa to offer:

  • A data collection capabilities via its consumer surveys service that perform better than the competition

  • Deep market insights supported by 1.5 million data points and more than 500 insights

  • An advisory service backed by leading experts and in-house data

  • All these services are available in over 10 countries today

“The website is a continuation of the strategy we set back in June that is to provide reliable data and actionable insights from Africa. The site is meant to show our work and the innovative data products we are building for Africa” said Yannick Lefang, Founder & CEO of KASI Insight. “It is now possible to get reliable data and insights from over 10 countries in Africa within 2 weeks!" “I am excited about KASI Insight as it fills a crucial gap by generating primary data and fresh perspectives on African consumers and economies. In an environment plagued by stereotypes and recycled data, KASI Insight provides quick and accurate information to support decision-making." said Trudi Makhaya, Founder of Makhaya Advisory & KASI Advisor. KASI Insight recently won the Best Research Paper award from the Marketing and Social Research Association in Nairobi (Kenya) for its research paper titled: Building mobile apps that impact African consumers.

About KASI

KASI Insight is Africa’s most innovative research and advisory firm. Since 2013, we have built the capacity to disrupt the African market research industry. We deliver a typical project involving several thousand respondents in as many as 10 African countries in 15 days. The comprehensive reports we deliver for our clients present facts-backed analyses from highly experienced professionals.

Contact our team today to explore how our consumer intelligence, brand intelligence, retail intelligence, and economic intelligence can empower your decision-making process. Win with confidence with Kasi insights Subscribe to the #KICSCORE, Africa's first monthly consumer perception index

Arielle Nkongmeneck Communication Advisor, KASI Insight @kasiinsight

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