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A better way to reach the African consumers

Updated: Sep 11

Africa is bound to be next growth destination with a growing middle class and a consumer market estimated to reach $1.2 trillion by 2020. For companies looking to sell products and services in Africa, it is critical to connect with the Africa consumer to understand its habit, taste and aspiration. Market research is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight or support decision making. To achieve this goal, one of the most popular tools used by companies and market researchers is a survey. The most popular survey methodology in Africa has been face to face interviews but mobile ownership has turn it into the most popular tool to deploy surveys. Africa has been often hailed as the mobile first and only continent because of the high mobile penetration (reaching 50%) in most countries. Is the mobile the best device to deploy and run consumer surveys targeting the rising middle class? Mobile has reach, but too often it reaches people without the money to buy more than necessities. At KASI, we pride ourselves to be the only provider of consumer surveys that allows companies to reach the rising middle and consuming class in Africa. We have developed an online methodology via desktop & laptop that provides the same execution speed as a mobile but performs better at targeting the consumers with disposable income.

Our team recently ran a comparison between online surveys via mobile (used by most market research / survey providers) and online surveys via desktop/laptop (used by KASI Insight). We focused on two key demographic parameter: Age and Gender.

The results show across these markets that desktop/laptop provides better age and gender targeting than mobile if you are looking to reach the middle and consuming class in Africa. In Nigeria for example, mobile surveys reach only 21% of female while our survey reached 35% of women. These results are consistent in all countries we've deployed our surveys. So when it comes to reaching out to the rising consumer class in Africa, online surveys via desktop/laptop delivers better results than online via mobile or traditional methodologies. We are not the only provider that came to the same conclusion. OnDevice research, a leader in mobile-only survey and research also did a study and found that desktop / laptop surveys are better suited to reach the consuming / high living standard class.

Lastly, our in house data (based on over 40,000 respondents in 6 countries) reveals that mobile is not the only way Africans connect to the Internet therefore mobile research is by no means the only way to run reliable, quick and affordable market research in Africa.

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