Survey urban dwellers and millennials in Africa

If you like the quality of face-to-face collection but hate the turnaround time and the cost, then our desktop collection is for you.

KASI Insight relies on the biggest grassroots network of data hubs to reach the urban dwellers of Africa. In other words, each of the consumer responses we deliver is the result of an actual encounter with the respondent by any of our extended hubs.

Your survey can now be delivered from within to the community where people live and go about their normal life. ​We intercept them when they shop, work, train, and play.

Our team can assist with:

  • Recruiting (including verbal screening for age, gender and even income).

  • Video interviews (using your software or our tools)

  • Online focus group

  • Pre/Post Ad testing

  • Concept testing

  • Brand perception/awareness and more...

We deliver:

  • Get quality sample of urban dwellers

  • Get more questions per survey

  • Run multi-country project. Fast.

  • Get a cost effective data collection solution

"We complete a typical project involving several thousand respondents in as many as 10 African countries in 2 weeks."

CASE STUDY - Millennials & Climate change in Africa (20 country survey)

Company: GC Consulting (UK)

Conference: COP22 in Morocco (2016)

Country: 20 countries

The challenge:

"We are probably the last generation able to act upon climate change”, said Ahmad Alhendawi, 32, the youngest ever senior United Nations official. Ahmad was appointed UN Youth Envoy to act as the voice of today’s youth – the generation that will have to deal with the consequences of climate change for the rest of their lives. Have you ever thought that preventing this change is your responsibility?

The solution:

Survey design, testing, and deployment

Data collection and monitoring in 20 countries

Data analysis and reporting

A full insight reports (including infographics)

The outcome:

Reach a targeted sample of1200 millennials within 1.5 week

Deep understanding of the potential customer's habit and behavior

A visual and insightful report with the findings and data visualization with 2 weeks

Client testimonial:

“The KASI Insight team completed a very important project for the COP22 conference on climate change with a tight deadline. The project involved a survey of 1200 millennials in 22 countries in Africa within 2 weeks. When I saw the report and insights, my reaction was. WOW this is brilliant!” Louise Robinson, MD EMEA 360 database


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