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KASI Insight is hiring a summer intern in Nairobi

Updated: Sep 12

KASI Insight is hiring a summer intern within its team in Nairobi.

Job Summary

A Data Intern conducts research analyses by developing research studies, compiling data, managing data bases, analyzing data using computer programs, and presenting research results in numerical and graphic formats.

This position analyses research in a specialty such as health care, consumer goods, technology, shopping habits, etc.

Nature of Work

This position gathers, organizes and statistically analyzes research data. The position determines data requirements, designs data collection tools, constructs and manages databases, conducts statistical analysis of data, and reports results.

Work does scientific duties such as searching literature, research database online, conducting field interviews, writing training manuals, or drafting final project reports.

Examples of Duties

  • Develops surveys by designing data collection instruments, calculating sample sizes and selecting appropriate analytical procedures.

  • Conducts data analyses, and reports results associated with a research study

  • Summarizes statistical results of a research project by creating graphs, tables and charts.

  • Interprets and conveys results to project leaders, principal investigators and/or outside agencies.

Minimum Qualification Requirements


A Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics or Business Information Systems.


  • Creativity and ability to work on own initiative and meet deadlines – VERY IMPORTANT

  • Excellent communication skills, written, verbal and interpersonal in French & English

  • Good administrative and IT skills (including Microsoft Outlook, Word & Excel)

  • Good research and internet skills (Whatsapp is a must)

  • Fast learner and able to follow instructions

  • Excellent team player and Can do attitude


  • Previous marketing experience (prints, brochures, etc.)

  • Ability to communicate online easily

  • Experience with social media

Please send your CV to

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