KASI Insight shortlisted as 2017 Most Promising Startup Award finalists

Toronto, Canada - With the World Angel Investment Summit just two weeks away, we are pleased to announce that KASI Insight has been selected as a finalist for this year's Most Promising Startup. Our team will join other finalists for a day of education, one-on-one meetings with investors, and networking in Montreal, Quebec on October 2nd to kick off our World Angel Investment Summit.

In addition, this year's award is sponsored by Panache Ventures who will be deploying their first $100,000 of investment at the event!

“We are delighted with the nomination and we look forward to representing Africa at the World Angel Investment Summit. Africa is a $1.2 trillion consumer market waiting to be unlocked. With 4 million data points on consumers from 7 countries, KASI is building a bridge to connect businesses with opportunities in Africa." says Yannick Lefang, Co-founder & CEO of KASI Insight.


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