Nairobi, Kenya - Today, we are excited to introduce our new offerings and capability in Africa.

KASI Insight, an award-winning research, and advisory firm, turns the best of the African consumer into a competitive advantage for your company.

We do that by combining standard research methodologies (surveys) with the latest behavioral research methodologies (biometrics).

We believe in what people say but more importantly what people do.

At the moment, we're focused on broadening access to:

1. Our insights into the #FutureOfBanking in Africa leveraging over 30+ years of in-house expertise, our understanding of what financial freedom means to the African consumer.

If you are locally-owned banks with big ambition, get the opportunity to answer the following questions: How will regulation impact banks performance? Is Fintech disrupting banking in Africa and how to make the most of new technologies? What would the revenue mix look like in the future?

2. Our #ProductMarketFit capability leveraging the latest biometrics research methodologies (eye-tracking) to get real-time insights on how people engage with your product.

If you are local manufacturer in Africa with big ambition, give your product launch the best chance to beat the competition: How can our package design stand out and boost sales? How can we optimized our web/mobile apps to increase conversion or engagement? How can we ensure our next print or billboard ad get the message across?

3.Our rich pan-African #ConsumerIndices available monthly and in seven of the largest markets in Africa.

If you are an investment firm or a macro data aggregator, track consumer trends with high frequency and accuracy: How can consumer confidence impact economic growth? How consumer eating and drinking habits impact their overall wellness? What does peer-to-peer lending activity and interest rate have in common?

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The KASI Insight Team