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AFCON 2021 Sports Betting wins the marketing and branding trophy

Updated: Sep 14

AFCON followers are seeing/hearing advertisements that would fit them hence why brands are leveraging off such huge events in order to showcase their products and services.

AFCON, sporting event and great marketing opportunity for brands

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) has kicked off in Cameroon prompting significant attention from fans across Africa, all of whom are rooting for their teams to return home with the cup. AFCON is a great platform for brands to expand and diversify their consumer base by advertising their products and services on the backboards of the fields and transitioning short video clips between screens on TV. Understanding the impact of this form of advertising can be extremely beneficial to a brand, especially if the viewers are the target audience.

Our Kasi Insight tracker: AFCON survey conducted in January 2022, polled 6,864 respondents across fourteen countries in Africa to hear about how they engage with the AFCON games. Respondents were asked about their habits during the games and what brands/forms of advertising caught their attention. Their findings provide valuable insights for brands to understand the demographics of the viewers as well as the effectiveness of advertising during such monumental games.

AFCON is a great play for brands targeting the male millennial demographic

AFCON fans tune in to watch the tournament from the comfort of their homes through national TV or cable TV. Of those following the tournament, 66% were males while 34% were females. Respondents between 25-34 years of age account for 56% of those who follow the games, with the majority being between 30-34 years of age. Therefore, younger, male individuals are the predominant audience of the AFCON games.

1XBet the winning brand of AFCON 2022

Interestingly, the brands that these respondents have seen or heard being advertised during the games, match the demographics presented earlier. The brand that was mostly seen/heard was 1XBet with 30%. 1XBet is an online sports betting platform operating in more than 10 African countries and has a male-dominated consumer base. As predicted, CAF (28%) and TotalEnergies (22%) follow, which are the largest sponsors of the AFCON games. Sporting gear brands also sponsor the games to rank lower, with Adidas at 11%, Nike at 11%, and Puma at 10%. What can be deduced by this phenomenon is that there is the growing popularity of sports betting due to the interactivity and direct engagement with the games which these platforms possess.

Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya have some of the largest sports betting markets in the continent with significant growth every year. South Africa is estimated to surpass $2.3 billion in gross gaming revenue (GGR) by 2023. Nigeria alone currently has 7% of the entire continent's GGR with some of the most reputable betting companies including 1XBet.

As you can imagine, avid fans of this tournament would likely be following the news highlights closely to relay information on the status of the games. Brands are successfully using these platforms to advertise, as supported by our findings. 47% of respondents have seen/heard of the brands on TV either during the live AFCON matches or during the news coverage of the games.

AFCON followers are seeing/hearing advertisements that would fit them hence why brands are leveraging off such huge events in order to showcase their products and services. Through this, brands can identify where to market themselves.

Our data intelligence platform can help you track these trends in consumer behaviors in Africa over time. This provides you with valuable insights that can help you or your business make fast data-driven decisions.

Contact our team today to explore how our consumer intelligence and brand intelligence can empower your decision-making process. Win with confidence with Kasi insights

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