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AFCON brought economic prosperity but not much unity in Cameroon

Updated: Sep 14

A third of soccer lovers in Cameroon agree that the tournament brought economic prosperity while only a quarter saw the event as a unifier

For the love of the game and economic prosperity

The African Cup of Nations 2022 (AFCON) tournament has ended, with Senegal taking home the trophy and the energy of the games now dying down. For the host country, Cameroon, the excitement and pride were visible because Cameroon was a favorite to win it all but also the opportunity to showcase the country and its diversity. The upcoming and closing ceremonies, display African culture, music, and diversity received raving reviews. The games undoubtedly had an impact on the country, with many adapting to a new routine and new habits following the start of the tournament, while also seeing the broader impacts economically, socially, and politically.

Kasi Insight AFCON survey conducted in January 2022, polled 6,864 respondents across fourteen (14) countries in Africa to hear about how they experienced the tournament, changes in their daily routines/habits, and expectations of the outcome and impact. Cameroonian respondents were asked about their spending habits and social engagement to understand the impact of these games within their country. Additionally, these respondents reflected on more significant (long-term) impacts they may see during/after the games. These findings show the extent of the impacts on the country of Cameroon during and after AFCON, as well as demonstrate the impact of large sporting events in general, across Africa.

Confidence in teams meant higher engagement with the games

Amongst Cameroonian respondents, the tournament was widely followed, in fact, 71% had been following the AFCON tournament, and close to half the respondents (47%) were confident that their team would come on top. Interestingly, while every country believed their hometown will win, there was a consensus across the countries surveyed Cameroon will come on top, as 16% of the full sample of those surveyed believed that Cameroon would win. Therefore, the support and confidence of the home team meant greater engagement with the games for Cameroonians.

For respondents, engagement with the games meant a change in daily routines/habits. 66% of Cameroonian respondents following the games, reflected this by stating that since the start of the AFCON games their daily habits or routines had changed. The level of engagement was equally high for males and females. Compared to the other countries surveyed and as expected the change in daily was more pronounced in the host country where 13% reported a major change vs 5% for Senegalese.

How did daily habits change for Cameroonians? 61% said they were spending more time with friends while almost a half (48%) were eating out more at bars, lounges, pubs, or taverns. When it comes to spending, consumers spent mostly on alcoholic beverages, and online betting while 51% had no change in this habit.

AFCON promoting greater economic and social prosperity in Cameroon

Cameroonian respondents have a positive outlook on what the impacts of AFCON 2022 could mean for their country. 35% of respondents see a growing economy for the country, while 33% see greater job opportunities opening for the youth. In terms of the games creating unity amongst the Anglophones and Francophones, only 1 in 4 respondents believed the tournament did create unity.

The AFCON games have had a positive impact on Cameroon, promoting economic and social growth. The findings demonstrate how such large sporting events can fundamentally change the way that consumers behave as their routines/habits see significant shifts during these times. The increasing contributions in the food industries, as well as the online betting market as examples, can help those within these lines of business find greater opportunities for growth. These shifts were not only seen in Cameroon but across Africa.

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