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Consumer data and insights come to life with KASI Hub

Updated: Sep 14

SOUTH AFRICA, October 8, 2020 / -- KASI Insight, Africa’s leading data and insights company, today announced the launch of KASI Hub. The Hub, a self-serve consumer data and insights platform designed by KASI’s innovation team to empower businesses to make better and faster data-driven decisions.

To date, KASI Hub has over 20 million data points, covering consumer insights across eight African countries, namely, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania. The company is looking to expand to more countries across Sub-Saharan Africa in the near future.

The KASI Hub includes consumer data providing key insights to brands that operate in various sectors including Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Media, and much more.

Unlike traditional market research in Africa, which is slow, rigid, and expensive, KASI Insight offers an innovative approach to research. KASI’s clients can access tracking data and insights collected monthly over the past four years across various African markets.

KASI Hub puts clients in control of the data, giving them the ability to view, filter, interrogate, and analyze it to gain key insights at a click of the button. That is research at the speed of business.

KASI Hub is a collection of datasets with data visualization capability. 

The datasets are syndicated research to provide a holistic and in-depth understanding of African consumers’ evolving needs. Datasets can be survey-based or index-based, represented via data visualization in the form of reports, graphs, and tables. Users can also upload their own data into the KASI hub, or ask their own questions “Omnibus-style” to be incorporated into the KASI datasets.

KASI Hub Dashboard View (

KASI Hub allows brands and organizations to get insights at the click of a button.

KASI Hub includes over 100+ datasets such as COVID-19 Pulse, consumer confidence, retail momentum, and demand (including food, beverages, etc.) and holiday shopping most of which are updated monthly. Every dataset covers at least 7 countries and comes with demographics, pre-set reports, and dashboards.  

For a fraction of the cost of a typical research project in Africa, clients can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to gain instant access to insights for the selected countries.

" The KASI platform is the first effective, user-friendly platform that deals with raw economic and commercial insights out of Africa in a pragmatic manner; seeking to disaggregate the undercurrents of the economy at a base, consumer-level rather than the conventional top-down approach focussed on national-level statistics. We have found the repository of data to be incredibly useful in building a better understanding of the African consumer across multiple different markets and use the platform on a monthly basis to track key variables influencing consumer trends.'' - Sahil Shah, Economic Club of Nairobi

Revolutionizing market research and changing the game for businesses in Africa.

KASI Hub is affordable and accessible to both large and small businesses. Empowering them with tools for early detection of emerging trends and opportunities, that will position them for growth as consumers navigate into the next normal. In the context of COVID-19, Marketers, Brand Managers, Insights Professionals, and Business owners can utilize KASI Hub technology to provide instant data on the most important brand and product metrics to drive strategic decisions.

KASI Hub is a powerful brand and product management solution whose insights can be used for a multitude of brand building exercises, such as, to compile effective communication campaigns, for brand repositioning, uncover insights for launching new products, competitive and/or channel analysis.

“As a former marketer with several years of experience in South Africa, I am very excited about the launch of KASI Hub. The Hub is really taking market research in Africa to another level by making it easy, agile, timely, local, and insightful. This is what businesses need to facilitate faster decision making during this tumultuous time.” - Patience Muyambo, Head of Research at KASI Insights

Contact our team today to explore how our consumer intelligence and brand intelligence can empower your decision-making process. Win with confidence with Kasi insights

About KASI

KASI Insight delivers consumer insight into some of the fastest-growing consumer populations in the world.   We speak to thousands of African consumers each month and turn survey-based data into accurate, actionable insights.

Through our innovative self-serve platform, KASI Hub, our clients leverage consumer insights at scale, identify early signs of market shifts, and unlock market creating opportunities for their business.  Our data-driven approach empowers businesses with first-hand feedback from their most valuable asset  - their future customers. 


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