COVID-19 and The Beauty Sector- Impact and Key Consumer Trends in China and Africa.

Updated: Apr 19

August 2020 / 18.00 PM --

In this paper, we focused on tracking the COVID-19 impact on the Beauty industry and key consumer trends both in China and Africa, including differences and similarities of the trends. Then we explore the potential opportunities during the crisis in Africa’s retail industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Due to smart gadgets and disruptive technologies, Chinese beauty brands are adapting fast to shifting dynamics.

  • Due to anti-China feeling spreading worldwide, Chinese consumers boycotted western brands and focused more on local beauty brands.

  • Perfect Diary becomes the cosmetics giant in China not only due to the extraordinary digital storytelling and content marketing but also a rise in nationalism.

  • Despite lockdown restrictions lifted in most African countries, businesses providing beauty services are still subject to stringent conditions.

  • African e-commerce is seeing an upward trajectory in the at-home economy, especially for those behind the international E-commerce curve countries.

  • The opportunity lies in every crisis: it’s time to identify the opportunities for growth to define the next normal in the retail sector.

The entire report can be downloaded here

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