COVID-19 Highlights - How SMEs can thrive with reliable data.

August 2020 / 18.00 PM -- Africa is currently experiencing accelerated growth in COVID-19 cases around the continent. The pandemic combined with lockdowns and restrictions has created a deadly combination for African businesses, specifically SMEs. Even in the best of times, African SMEs struggle to secure financing for their growth ambitions. This means that banks do not have the relationships with community business owners necessary for the quick dispersion of government emergency funds for SMEs that are in immediate need of assistance. Another issue across most countries in Africa is a lack of high-quality, readily available statistics and data. Missing this economic information negatively impacts SMEs that may find it useful in organizing their pandemic adaptation strategies. The Kasi Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), which provides monthly insights into consumer behavior, could level the playing field for businesses that need to rely on themselves to adapt and act quickly.

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