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Kasi Insight data now available as part of an Alternative Data catalog through Bloomberg’s Data Mark

Updated: Sep 14

Toronto, Canada, February 23, 2021 – Kasi Insight, Africa’s leading provider of data, measures, and insights, announced that its consumer confidence data set is now available to Bloomberg Data License clients via Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. This offers an additional way for alpha-seeking investors and financial professionals to discover Kasi Insight data.

Kasi Insight has been collecting, analyzing, and normalizing consumer data since 2016 via consumer surveys done every month in the largest markets of Africa. The Kasi consumer confidence index, which is our flagship index, is Africa’s first monthly consumer sentiment data series providing a needed consumer-level view on economic activity and expectations in the largest markets in Africa. The index methodology is in line with the well-renowned consumer confidence dataset and uses a balanced approach (-100 to +100).

The index which was launched in 2016 consists of seven data series tracking multiple consumer data points such as current economic conditions, consumer expectations, personal finances, purchase intent, discretionary spending, and job prospects.

Bloomberg Data License clients now have access to the Kasi Consumer Confidence data to model consumer demand, industry performance, and forecast macroeconomic data such as GDP, inflation, unemployment rate, and even interbank lending rates of African markets. The index can also be used to evaluate performance such as retail sales and category performance.

Kasi Insight has created and perfected a data acquisition model that allows it to effectively conduct multi-country surveys, using a consistent method and timing from various parts of Africa. To date Kasi Insight has over 20 million data points, covering consumer insights across eight African countries, namely, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania, providing our users with a unique context in these markets so they can be able to assess current economic situations, but also predict future turnaround and investment opportunities.

Research shows that consumer confidence data can be used to predict wage growth, inflation, retail sales, purchasing power, and unemployment rates in some of the markets we track.

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point is a web-based data marketplace for clients to easily discover and act on Bloomberg data products. It can be used to browse datasets, examine metadata, download, and test sample datasets prior to the acquisition, and immediately put them to use within an organization. It provides access to Bloomberg’s One Data offering including standardized reference, regulatory, pricing, and quantitative data.

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