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Kasi Insight Expands its Reach with the Addition of Botswana Country Hub

Updated: Sep 14

Nairobi, 09/06/2023 - Kasi Insight, Africa’s leader in decision intelligence, is excited to announce the launch of its newest country data hub in Botswana. This strategic expansion further strengthens Kasi Insight's presence in the region and reinforces its commitment to providing comprehensive market intelligence across Africa.

With the addition of Botswana, Kasi Insight now operates in 22 countries, including existing hubs in 21 other African nations. The inclusion of Botswana in the Kasi Insight platform opens up a wealth of opportunities for businesses, researchers, and marketers seeking valuable insights into the Botswana market.

The Botswana data Hub will offer a wide range of data sets and survey data, including brand intelligence focused on the banking sector, financial freedom indicators, and a comprehensive media tracker. These datasets will empower businesses and organizations to make informed decisions, develop effective strategies, and understand consumer behaviour within the dynamic Botswana market.

"We are thrilled to introduce Botswana as our latest country hub," said [Yannick Lefang], the founder of Kasi Insight. "Botswana is a rapidly evolving market with immense potential, and our aim is to provide stakeholders with accurate, real time. aggregated and trended data. Our expansion into Botswana reaffirms our commitment to supporting businesses and organizations in unlocking growth opportunities across Africa."

Kasi Insight's data hubs are centralized the platform, offering access to a vast array of market research data, consumer surveys, and analytics tools. These hubs enable businesses to delve into specific markets, understand consumer preferences, track industry trends, and drive strategic decision-making.

As Kasi Insight continues to expand its footprint across Africa, the addition of the Botswana Country Hub marks an important milestone in the company's journey. Kasi Insight remains dedicated to driving innovation, leveraging advanced technologies, and providing actionable insights that enable businesses to thrive in the dynamic African market.

For more information about Kasi Insight and its services, please visit [].

About Kasi Insight:

Kasi Insight is a leading decision intelligence company focused on Africa. With country hubs in 22 African nations, including the newly launched Botswana Country Hub, Kasi Insight provides businesses, organizations, and researchers with access to comprehensive Economic, Retail, Consumer, Brand Intelligence Plus analytical tools. By leveraging data-driven insights, Kasi Insight empowers clients to make informed decisions, understand market dynamics, and unlock growth opportunities across Africa.

Contact our team today to explore how our brand intelligence can empower your decision-making process. Win with confidence with Kasi insights

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