KASI Insight Launches an African Omnibus

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Accra, October 14, 2019 - The best solution for affordable, fast-turnaround surveys across the general African population. Get Quick Answers to your Burning Questions.

Today, KASI Insight, Africa’s leading consumer insights firm - is pleased to announce the launch of its exclusive African Omnibus. This exciting new service allows companies to tap into a representative sample of urban Africans to gain rich, instant insights for a small fee.

“KASI Omnibus is perfect for those in need of reliable insights to make quick marketing or business decisions,” said KASI Insight Research Director, Patience Muyambo. “We are excited to offer our clients with this low-cost, fast-turnaround solution which allows companies to ask a limited number of questions without committing to setting up a custom research project” she added.

Our Africa Omnibus features include:

  • Access to over 3,500 nationally represented Africans;

  • Senior research staff to help with survey development;

  • Interactive, engaging surveys that provide better quality responses;

  • Monthly Omnibus surveys;

  • Free Bonus data including demographics and psychographics;

  • Specialist Omnibus for niche audiences such as C-suite executives, Women, SMEs, or start-ups, available upon request;

  • All this value available from just $299 per question

Download the KASI Africa Omnibus rate card here.

Fast, Rich, Reliable Insights

To get started, please connect with us on info@kasiinsight.com about your research needs.

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About KASI Insight

KASI Insight is a “one-stop-shop” research agency, for data, indicators, and insights; which provide clients with an in-depth understanding of the socio-economic realities of African consumers. Every month the company surveys thousands of ordinary Africans across Sub-Saharan Africa through syndicated and custom research studies, uncovering rich insights on how they live, what they think, how and what they spend their money on and much more.

These insights empower marketers, corporates, policy makers, start-ups and investors with first-hand feedback from their most valuable asset - their future customers.

Please get in touch with KASI Insight if you want to garner the most pertinent insights to help grow your business and brand in Africa.

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