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Millennials to drive quick service/fast food brands adoption in the Tunisian market

Updated: Sep 14

Based on the survey results, it is clear that there is significant demand for quick service/fast food restaurants in Tunisia.

Quick service/fast food brands are becoming increasingly popular in the Tunisian market. One of the main reasons for this is the changing lifestyles of Tunisian consumers, who are increasingly busy and looking for convenient and affordable food options. Quick service/fast food brands offer a range of options that are easy to access, quick to order and are generally priced lower than traditional restaurant options.

Our Kasi Insight – Out of Home Eating Survey in Tunisia surveyed 514 respondents in September of 2022 to understand if and where respondents get take-out/eat out, the frequently of eating outside of their home, and who the main drivers are.

Almost a quarter of the respondents reported eating out in 2022

Based on the survey results, it is clear that out of home eating is popular in Tunisia. A majority (70%) of the respondents reported getting takeout or eating outside of their homes in 2022, with 13% specifically getting food from quick service/fast food restaurants, and another 13% getting food from fast food vendors. Only 2% reported eating at fine dining restaurants, indicating that quick service/fast food brands have a more significant market share in the country, and demonstrating a demand for affordable and convenient options in the country.

Millennials are driving this demand for quick service/fast food eating

The demand for quick service/fast food is particularly driven by Millennials, with 50% of respondents in this age group stating that they got food from these restaurants over the past year. This is significantly higher than the percentage of Gen Z, Gen X, and Baby Boomer respondents who reported the same. The frequency at which Millennials are eating out also indicates a higher demand for these types of restaurants, with 46% of them eating out daily, and another 60% eating out once or twice a week.

Catering to the Millennials will drive business for quick service/fast food brands

This data presents an opportunity for quick service/fast food brands to cater to the needs of Tunisians, particularly Millennials. By creating menu items that appeal to this age group and offering promotions and discounts, these brands can increase their market share in the country. Additionally, quick service/fast food brands can invest in marketing efforts that specifically target Millennials, such as social media campaigns and influencer partnerships.

Quick service/fast food brands are a new concept within many African countries, with some introducing internationally recognized brands such as KFC and Burger King. Many Tunisian consumers are curious about international food trends and are looking for new and exciting taste experiences. Quick service/fast food brands offer a range of options that cater to this demand, including burgers, pizza, and fried chicken, among others.

For local brands there is an opportunity to offer local flavors to stand out from other standardized brands. Local brands should look to focus on localizing their products and messaging to better resonate with Tunisian culture and values. This approach will help to build brand loyalty among Tunisian consumers and establish these quick service/fast food brands as a staple in the Tunisian food landscape.

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