Personal Care Category in Ivory Coast - Strong growth for skincare brands post COVID-19

Updated: May 28, 2021

May 27th, 2021, 18:00 PM-

  • Demand for skin care products in Ivory Coast fluctuated during the pandemic

  • Demand amongst women remain strong during the pandemic while it dropped early on amongst men

  • Strong growth expected for brands in 2021

Demand for skin care products fluctuated during the pandemic.

Consumer habits and spending changed significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to the demand for skincare products, the 4,400 respondents' survey unveiled that a quarter of respondents bought more skincare compared to only 16% who bought less while almost half of the respondents say their skincare spend didn’t change. The story is a bit more nuanced when looking at the monthly trends between April and December 2020.

According to Kasi Insight COVID-19 Pulse, a monthly survey that tracked the impact of COVID-19 on consumers in Ivory Coast, demand for skincare products slowed between April and July 2020 before picking up in October.

In April, a quarter of the respondents surveyed were looking to purchase more skincare products compared to the previous month, that percentage dropped to 22% in July. Since then demand for skincare has consistently risen month over month to reach a new high in December. The pandemic had a negative impact on consumer spending power and the skincare category was impacted as people prioritize essentials.

The holiday shopping season may have been a factor in the rise in demand but one thing is certain, demand for skincare is now higher than what it was pre-pandemic. The trend is also strong enough to assume that 2021 will also see continuous growth for the skincare category.

Demand amongst women remains strong during the pandemic while it dropped early on amongst men.

Interestingly our data shows that demand for skincare products amongst women was barely impacted by the pandemic, in fact, the percentage of women buying more or the same of skincare products increased since April (from 69% in April to 86% in December). On the other side, demand for skincare products amongst men slowed during the pandemic, dropping earlier in the pandemic and then picking up since October.

Strong growth expected for brands in 2021.

One of the post-pandemic trends is a renewed emphasis on personal wellbeing and mental health. There is an opportunity for brands to penetrate new markets and segments after the disruption caused by the pandemic.

According to market research by Beauty Africa, the skincare products category is the largest and most assorted segment of the cosmetic market with several competing formulas, products, and brands.

The need due to the different types of skin textures – normal, dry, oily, and sensitive skin – are largely responsible for the size and variety of skincare products in the African market, and there are lots of local and international brands releasing new and more attractive products every year.

The growing trend of using skin lightening or ‘bleaching’ products among young African women and men is also feeding the frenzy of demand that has made the skincare products category a multi-billion dollar business.


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