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Sustainability and Climate Change Efforts in Africa

Updated: Sep 14

It is no surprise to hear about the alarming effects of climate change on our planet.

Climate change is a long-term change in the weather and temperatures around the globe. It happens slowly over time, but the effects are detrimental to future generations.

It is said that in Africa, climate change is expected to melt any remaining glaciers over the next few decades. The depletion of the water will cause devastating effects on agricultural production.

Some of the impacts of climate change include food scarcity, increasing temperatures, changing rainfall patterns and droughts.

Recent data from Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG), a leading international climate research centre based in Africa, shows the rate of temperature increase since the 1900s around the globe compared to South Africa, much higher than the global average.

Graph of Africa's temperature increase

Many brands and companies are making an effort to improve their sustainability practices to combat climate change.

In Africa, Estee Lauder has created new shipping boxes free of plastic, tape, and unnecessary paper. Their branded inner boxes have been replaced with plain carton packaging that is FSC certified.

Estee Lauder is one example of the many brands who have decided to step up and make a change towards sustainability.

These small changes that one brand is making will make a long-term difference in our environment.

Businesses can continue to use sustainability measures to improve their practices and work towards combating climate change.

Africa is a region that is highly affected by the damage of climate change now and in years to come.

Throughout Africa, people are making many efforts to work towards sustainability and reverse the effects of climate change. Efforts include using efficient energy sources, commitment to their agricultural productivity, and protecting their natural habitats.

Another effort Africa has made towards sustainability is their increase in ethical fashion brands such as Solerebels and Suave Kenya.

Some ways we can make a difference include walking, carpooling, and turning off electronics when they are not in use. We can also switch to reusable alternatives such as a water bottle or Tupperware, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Eating plant based foods more frequently, such as fruits and vegetables, helps to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, thus reducing our carbon footprint and cutting down on climate change effects.

Sustainability and climate change are issues that we all must work hard together to improve. Every little step helps work towards a better future for us and for generations to come.

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