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The carbonated soft drink market in Angola is expected to reach $9B by 2025

Updated: Sep 14

Overall, the market for carbonated soft drinks in Angola consists of many opportunities for new and already established brands to expand and succeed.

The carbonated soft drink market in Angola is expected to reach 8.90 billion USD in retail prices by 2025, with an increasing CAGR of 23.78%. In comparison to the growth of 38.13% in previous years (2015-2019), this is a significantly lower CAGR. While there has been a growth in the brands with the introduction of brands such as Blues soda by the Refriango group, some brands continue to hold a stronghold against others, namely Coca-Cola and Pepsi.Co. The race to capture this market is still open and the market is big enough for new entrants to come in and disrupt the market.

To understand why some brands are more successful than others in Angola, our research team polled consumers in Angola to understand their preferences for, and purchases/use of carbonated drinks. These findings from our consumer intelligence dataset called Retail in Angola – Carbonated drinks survey conducted in April of 2022 amongst 518 urban-dwellers, sets out understand consumers priorities and habits when it comes to carbonated soft drinks. The study looks at both regular carbonated soft drinks as well as diet carbonated soft drinks to gain comprehensive insight on this topic.

While Angolans enjoy other non-alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks are still sought-after regularly

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages consumed in Angola, milk (59%), malt (52%) and coffee (45%), hold the top three regularly consumed beverages. Carbonated drinks place lower in the ranking with 32% of respondents stating that they drink this beverage less regularly in comparison to the other options. However, an emphasis needs to be placed on this comparison, because despite carbonated soft drinks ranking lower, carbonated soft drinks are still reached for by 41% of respondents several times a week, and 24% once a week.

Angolans have a sweet tooth when it comes to carbonated soft drinks

When it comes to the kind of regular/diet of carbonated soft drinks that people like, there is a preference for regular drinks as opposed to diet drinks. This can be supported by 25% of respondents stating that they mostly drink regular carbonated soft drinks, while only 4% stating this response for diet carbonated soft drinks.

The answer to why this is the case is simple; Angolans are looking for sweet drinks. 29% of respondents consider sweetness as an essential attribute when choosing a carbonated soft drink, and this compares to only 10% who reported considering low sugar/sugar free as an attribute. In fact, all respondents stated that the taste of regular soft drinks are better than the lighter/diet versions.

Brand Loyalty considered amongst respondents

Additionally, the brand of a carbonated soft drink closely follows with 26% of respondents regarding this as an important attribute considered when making a choice on what product to purchase within this market. This demonstrates a sense of brand loyalty amongst Angolans, by which they choose familiar or reputable brands.

Brands most popular amongst respondents who drink carbonated soft drinks, were the classics such as Coke with 16% and 7-Up at 12%. Additionally, for those with a preference for diet carbonated soft drinks reported, Coke Light at 9% and Coke Zero at 8%. Brands such as Blue soda, with more flavor variations ranked lower with Blue Orange at 4% and Blue Passion at 2%. Additionally, when asked about which brands come to mind first when talking about carbonated drinks, these two brands consistently rank high, even though there is awareness of other brands in the market.

Brands using traditional media to market, stand a good chance of being recognized by Angolans

What could be putting these brands on top is their capacity to reach their audience. Traditional media advertising is vital in Angola for brands to connect with their consumers. 93% of respondents had heard/seen these carbonated soft drinks on TV, followed by 36% hearing about the drinks through the Radio. This is particularly true for younger generations, such as Gen X and Millennial who showed a greater response to these particular sources.

Overall, the market for carbonated soft drinks in Angola consists of many opportunities for new and already established brands to expand and succeed. Consumers have preferences in taste and brands and therefore, brands who tailor their products to meet this will have success in increasing product sales and more importantly, in building brand loyalty. Companies should leverage such data to gear their products and marketing strategies towards success.

Our data intelligence platform has comprehensive data on this topic and can provide valuable insights to help your business make fast data-driven decisions.

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