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The carbonated soft drink market in Ivory Coast is expected to reach $43 million USD by 2025

Updated: Sep 14

For brands in this market, such insights will help in making informed decisions on product distribution, packaging and general preferences on taste and flavors.

The carbonated soft drinks market in Ivory Coast was 23 million USD (retail prices) in 2015 and is expected to reach over 43 million USD by 2025. This would be an increase of 5.58% per annum for the period of 2020-2025. Carbonated soft drinks rank high amongst Ivorians who regularly enjoy non-alcoholic drinks in their homes. The carbonated soft drink market therefore is a significant market in the country, with Ivorians reaching for these drinks more frequently than the average African consumer. Brands looking to enter and expand within this market, can do so through careful monitoring of trends and consumer preferences.

Our study, Retail in Ivory Coast – Carbonated drinks amongst 500 urban-dwellers survey sets out to understand consumer preferences in the carbonated soft drinks market, while also paying attention to how regular and diet drinks stand amongst the respondents. The survey delves into brand usage and awareness as well as looking into brand loyalty and perceptions of brands to gain valuable insights about Ivorian's interactions with this market.

Carbonated stands out on top as compared to other non-alcoholic beverages

Amongst the non-alcoholic beverages available on the market, carbonated soft drinks are ranked at the top with 53% of respondents stating that this is their most frequently consumed non-alcoholic beverage. It is then followed by fruit juices at 50% and bottled still water at 49%. Ivorians are less interested in conventionally warmer drinks such as coffee (32%) and tea (29%) with a preference to flavorful and practical options.

Unlike in other African countries, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co rank lower for regular carbonated soft drinks

In terms of which carbonated soft drinks are often sought after, 10% stated that the regular Orangina is their favorite/most often drunk soft drink, while 8% of respondents stated that for a diet drink, they would rate Fanta orange zero sugar as their favorite/most often drunk soft drink.

The responses demonstrate that for regular carbonated soft drinks, there is a preference towards a brand other than Coca-Cola/Pepsi Co.; unlike other African countries where these two brands still hold a strong standing. For diet drinks, Coca-Cola’s Fanta Orange still ranks on top, however it would be interesting to see if there would be a significant change if an Orangina diet drink was sold in the market.

Ivorians are looking for easy to purchase and carry carbonated soft drinks

The responses stated earlier on what brand is preferred demonstrates a preference towards a certain flavor, namely orange. While flavoring is an attribute that they associate with their favorite brands, this is not a significant deciding factor. For the respondents, availability of the brand and packaging size tie as most important considerations when purchasing a drink; 20% of the respondents consider both availability and pack size. Flavoring ranks lower as compared to the other two factors at 17%. In terms of packaging sizes, 37% of respondents stated that on average, they would drink a regular sized can (approx. 300ml) and 31% would have two mini cans or a 500ml bottle. Therefore, more durable packaging sizes are more popular amongst respondents.

Ivorians are willing to try new products

Respondents generally do not have a distaste towards any particular drink/brand. For 67% of respondents, they do not mind drinking any of the regular soft drink brands and 15% for diet soft drinks. The respondents are mostly flexible consumers willing to substitute their favorite soft drink in the event their first choice is out of stock. This is good news for carbonated soft drink brands as respondents are willing and open to trying something different.

Overall, the market for carbonated soft drinks in Ivory Coast consists of many opportunities for new or already established brands to expand and succeed. Consumers have preferences towards certain aspects of purchasing these beverages however, they are still flexible in their decision making. Having easily accessible products and durable products goes a long way for Ivorians who are looking to enjoy their soft drinks with/after their meals.

For brands in this market, such insights will help in making informed decisions on product distribution, packaging and general preferences on taste and flavors.

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