Top trends from the Holiday shopping tracker that will help brands in 2021

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Covid-19 has disrupted the normal way of life and in turn how consumers shop and business is conducted. It has called for brands to rethink how to effectively conduct and manage their businesses in the wake of the pandemic. This disruption has led to rapid structural transformations and alternative ways of conducting business so as to meet the consumers changing behavior and needs. The abrupt nature of these behavior shifts means brands need to be better prepared so as to not suffer detrimental effects.

In this report, we highlight top trends from the Kasi holiday shopping tracker that will help brands in 2021.

Key Takeaways

  • Covid-19 has impacted the way the average consumer shops. Businesses must develop alternative shopping options; e-Commerce and online shopping.

  • Consumers are still concerned about their personal health and safety therefore brands need to take necessary measures to protect their customers.

  • Due to the financial uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, consumers are more price-sensitive. Competitive pricing is needed to attract customers.

  • Food and health products are a priority for customers, brands need to prioritize customer’s basic needs.

  • With lockdown measures leading to people working from home, more consumers are consuming traditional media therefore brands need to incorporate traditional media with digital media as a means of communicating with customers.

  • Brands need to provide quality products and services as consumers do not have the luxury to experiment due to being budget-driven.

The entire report can be downloaded here

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